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Automotive Painting Technology: The Combination of Protection, Aesthetics, and Modernization

1、 The role of automotive painting

Automotive painting plays a crucial role in the automotive manufacturing process, mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1. Protective effect: Cars are required to have certain anti-corrosion performance and service life due to long-term exposure to wind, sun, rain, and stone strikes. As the first line of defense for automobiles, painting can effectively isolate the erosion of the external environment and ensure its long-term stable operation.

2. Coating function: As a modern means of transportation, cars not only need to be practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Painting can add color to a car, making it more attractive. At the same time, painting can also enhance the comfort of the car and bring consumers a better driving experience.

2、 Common Coatings for Automotive Coatings

There are various types of automotive coatings, which can be classified according to different classification standards into the following categories:

1. Classified by coating object: new car original paint, car repair paint, etc.

2. According to the classification of coatings on automobiles: primer (mostly electrophoretic paint), intermediate coating, base paint (including solid primer and metal flash primer), topcoat, gloss varnish, etc.

3. Classified by coating method: electrophoretic paint, liquid spray paint, powder coating, special coating (such as PVC sealing coating), etc.

4. Classified by the location of use in automobiles: body coatings, cargo compartment coatings, corrosion-resistant coatings for components such as wheel frames, engine components coatings, chassis coatings, interior decoration coatings, etc.

3、 Basic Principles of Automotive Painting and Spray Painting

When conducting car painting and spraying, the following basic principles need to be followed:

1. Check tools and working environment: Before painting, be sure to check whether the moisture and oil in the air compressor have been completely released, ensuring that the painting room, ventilation filter, and floor are clean and free of dirt.

2. Surface treatment: The sprayed surface must be thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities such as oil and wax. For newly welded or rust removed metal surfaces, epoxy resin anti rust primer should be used for treatment to prevent rusting.

3. Correct sanding method: During the sanding process, use moderate force when using sandpaper to avoid excessive wear. Try to choose a finer sandpaper to ensure the smoothness and adhesion of the coating.

In short, automotive painting technology not only protects cars from external environmental erosion, but also enhances their aesthetics and comfort. By selecting appropriate coatings and following scientific spraying principles, the perfect display of coating effects can be ensured. With the advancement of technology and the constant changes in consumer demand, automotive painting technology will continue to develop towards environmental protection, efficiency, and personalization.




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