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Complete guide for changing the color of car paint: Get a new outfit for your car

The operation method for car color changing is as follows:

1. Preparation work:

-Cleaning the vehicle body: Thoroughly clean the vehicle body with car wash to remove dirt and grease.

-Drying: After rinsing with clean water, wipe the car body dry with a towel or cloth.

-Remove defects: Gently wipe the surface of the vehicle with fine sandpaper to remove grease, spots, and small scratches.

-Clean the surface: Wipe the body with a cotton cloth to ensure that the surface is free of dust and impurities.

2. Paint Preparation:

-Preparation of spray paint: Pour the required color of spray paint into a viscosity cup, check the concentration, and mix evenly.

-Check the spray gun: Ensure that the spray gun is working properly, adjust the spray pressure and flow rate.

3. Spray painted body:

-First layer of paint spraying: Spray a thin layer of paint evenly, taking care not to spray too thick to avoid sagging.

-Wait for drying: After each layer of paint is sprayed, wait for it to completely dry. The drying time depends on the type of paint and ambient temperature.

-Multi layer spraying: Spray the second or third layer of paint as needed, ensuring that each layer is uniform and well integrated with the previous layer.

-Spray technique: Keep the spray gun perpendicular to the surface of the vehicle, move the spray gun evenly to avoid uneven or missed spraying.

4. Polishing and Polishing:

-Polishing: After all paint layers are completely dry, gently polish the surface of the vehicle with fine sandpaper to remove roughness and residual defects.

-Primer application: After polishing, apply a layer of primer to enhance the adhesion and protective performance of the paint surface.

-Drying: Wait for the primer to completely dry.

-Polishing: Use a polishing machine to polish the surface of the car body to a smooth and bright finish.


-When performing car color changing operations, it is important to choose a well ventilated environment and wear appropriate protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, and goggles.

-Ensure that the spray paint and solvents used comply with environmental requirements and follow the product instructions for operation.

-During the spraying process, pay attention to protecting non painted areas such as windows, tires, and interior.

-After the color change is completed, it is recommended to undergo professional car washing and maintenance to maintain the gloss and durability of the paint surface.




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