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Automotive Paint Selection Guide: How to Pick the Best Paint for Your Car

Automotive coatings play a crucial role in the modern automotive industry, not only giving cars a beautiful appearance but also providing necessary protection. With the diversification and changes in consumer demand, as well as the increasingly strict environmental regulations, the automotive paint industry is also constantly innovating and upgrading.

Firstly, the classification of automotive coatings includes primer, topcoat, topcoat, and varnish, each layer having its specific function. Among them, the topcoat is the key to the decorative appearance of a car, which determines the color and texture of the car. By adding metal particles or mica powder to the paint, it can be made into metallic or pearlescent paint, adding a unique luster and texture to the car.

Secondly, with the increasing demand for automotive colors from consumers, the development of automotive paint is also becoming increasingly diverse. Automobile manufacturers have put forward higher requirements for the technical strength of coating suppliers to ensure the quality and performance of coatings. This includes performance indicators such as hardness, weather resistance, and wear resistance.

Thirdly, the strengthening of environmental regulations has promoted the development of water-based automotive coatings. Water based coatings use water as a solvent, which greatly reduces the use of organic solvents and VOC emissions compared to traditional solvent based coatings, thereby reducing the harm to the environment and human health. This trend is driving the automotive paint industry towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction.

Finally, as a leader in the automotive paint industry, Jiangmen Paint has always been market-oriented and committed to the research and innovation of automotive paint. Their water-based automotive paint products have been successfully applied to the coating lines of multiple well-known automotive brands, providing customers with excellent appearance effects and anti-corrosion protection.

In short, the development trend of the automotive paint industry is towards a more environmentally friendly, high-performance, and diversified direction. Jiangmen Paint, with its profound technological accumulation and market insight, continuously innovates and makes important contributions to the progress of the automotive paint industry.




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